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For Version 7 updates to appear on the Download/Software menu option please ensure you have Logged In (or contact us for a Login).

Click on the appropriate link to reach the download file. 

Downloads with a lock padlock in front of their description on this page require a Username and Password to access them. 

If you don’t have a Username and Password, please Contact Us and we will provide you with the proper credentials.

Direct Training & Support

Simply run the Remote Support Module and give TQSolutions Ltd. the ID and password for direct support and training on your TQSoft™ installation.

Logger Connection Guide

lock Fluke Hydra

lock Fluke NetDAQ & 2680

lock GEKaye DIGI, KL, Portable

lock GEKaye Equipment

lock Yokogawa DX

TQSoft Version 6

You will need a full installation and license upgrade from version 3 or 4 or 5.

TQSoft™ Emergency Security Patch
If you become locked out of the program unzip this file and paste into the LOGSYS folder. 

Lock TQSoft™ & TQExpress Full Installation Version 6.0.4

Lock TQSoft™ Essential NTOOL32 Installation for Fluke NetDAQ & 2680
It is essential to install this software before trying to use the NetDAQ driver in TQSoft.


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Compatible Hardware

book cover hardware systems

Hardware Systems

TQSoft™ Hardware Compatibility.

Thermal Validation

book cover features

TQSoft™ Features

Features of TQSoft™ software.

Software Summary

book cover summary

TQSoft™ Summary

Overview of TQSoft™ software.

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