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Last Modified: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Data Logger Calibration

Calibration is the process of establishing the relationship between a measuring device and the units of measure.

This is done by comparing a device or the output of an instrument to a standard having known measurement characteristics. Once the relationship is known, the device is calibrated and can be used to measure the output of other devices.

For many operations the quality of the data logger calibration needs to be known and is quantified by an uncertainty estimate for the calibration. This is so important for the scientific community and manufacturing operations that it has been proposed that an evaluation of the measurement uncertainty be added as part of the calibration process.

To improve the quality of the data logger calibration and have the results accepted by outside organizations it is desirable for the calibration and subsequent measurements to be "traceable" to the internationally defined measurement units. Establishing traceability is accomplished by a formal comparison to a standard which is directly or indirectly related to national standards (NIST in the USA), international standards.

Quality management systems call for an effective metrology system which includes formal, periodic, and documented calibration of all measuring instruments. ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 sets of standards require that these traceable actions are to a high level and set out how they can be quantified.

TQSoft™ thermal validation software can play an important role in such a quality management system. TQSoft™ has a Test Equipment Database, and can track Sensor Usage, calibration due dates and uncertainty of each piece of equipment. It can also produce equipment audit reports for the use of any item of calibration equipment through to a set of validation tests performed, where the tests rely on the calibration performed with the item. This is the kind of feature vital to a good quality system.

TQSoft™ thermal validation software can interface to many leading Calibration and Calibration Check manufacturers' equipment to read Reference Standard straight into the data logger calibration data. The process and report is 21 CFR Part11 compliant. At the same time TQSoft™ can collect and compare data from many types of data acquisition equipment to perform multi point (up to 12) data logger calibrations and calibration checks. It then stores data logger calibration results and reports, and can automatically apply the correct calibration information to test runs. It can apply straight line or polynomial fits to raw uncalibrated data, or it can download calibration set points to recorders and loggers.

For more information please visit our Thermal Validation Systems page.

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