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Last Modified: Tuesday, July 06, 2021

NADCAP Pyrometry Audit

AMS2750 now demands that Heat Treatment companies supplying the aerospace industry
provide proof of their compliance with procedures laid out in the standard.

The standard demands adherence to rigorous thermal validation and reporting practices which are comparable to requirements, standards and procedures that have been current in areas such as autoclave validation for some time.

TQAero thermal validation software has a database of furnaces where class and type of instrumentation can be set.

TQAero thermal validation software has the ability to monitor usage time, number of uses, and maximum exposed temperature of each thermocouple. Under revision D furnaces with instrumentation types A & B will require load thermocouples whose usage limits will depend on maximum temperature.

The accuracy of the thermocouples and data acquisition hardware used to perform thermal validation is critical. Calibration and Calibration Check operating procedures are indispensable to normal acceptable validation practice. The validation report must show that thermocouples, calibration and data acquisition equipment have been checked against a traceable standard when required.

Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) requirements are defined in terms of Furnace Class and Instrumentation Type. TUS’s must be carried out at the frequency required by AMS2750. Failure to do so will result in loads being recalled at great expense to the treatment company. Revision D has redefined the furnace classes and hence the frequency of TUS’s required.

System Accuracy Survey (SAT) requirements are also defined in terms of Furnace Class and Instrumentation Type.

TQAero contains all the data necessary to provide proof of compliance to AMS2750. All parameters and data in TQAero is audited and tamper proof to 21CFR Part 11 standards.

TQAero is fully configurable to alert users to TUS, SAT, thermocouple calibration and thermocouple replacement deadlines.

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