Last Modified: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Washer Disinfector Validation

ISO 15883-1:2006 specifies general requirements for washer disinfectors validation and their accessories that are intended to be used for cleaning and disinfection of re-usable medical devices and other articles used in the context of medical, dental, pharmaceutical and veterinary practice.

It specifies performance requirements for cleaning and disinfection as well as for the accessories which can be required to achieve the necessary performance.

TQSoft™ thermal validation system and Reporting and Report Management module has been specifically designed to assist manufacturers, validation organizations and users meet requirements for washer disinfector validation, routine control and monitoring and re-validation, periodically and after essential repairs.

Washer Disinfector designs are varied, and consequently so are the requirements for washer disinfector validation. Multi chamber washers can require a combination of thermocouples (for sump, walls, and control locations) and remote battery powered loggers for the load (as it travels through the chambers), and pressure transducers for chamber pumps. A TQSoft™ thermal validation system can easily merge data from different devices to compile an integrated report.

The TQSoft™ thermal validation system is used by most leading washer disinfector validation companies, and at leading training establishments in the UK for ISO 15883 and HTM 2030/2031 compliance.

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