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Last Modified: Thursday, October 09, 2014

About Us


TQSolutions Ltd. has been serving the Thermal Validation community since 1994. We specialize in GAMP4 compliant software and hardware tools for acquiring thermal validation data, analysing it, and reporting it in a 21CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

TQSolutions Ltd. offers the highest quality of software for thermal validation on the market today. Since 1994, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best supplier of thermal validation technology in the country.

FIRST STEPS as Modeline Computers Ltd.

We recognized the possibility of a standard windows platform for thermal validation requirements to meet the diverse needs of HTM2010 reporting and produced version 1 TQSoft™ (then called LOGSYS) with drivers for Anville, Yokogawa, Eurotherm, Modeline and Sterimizer loggers. Along with a reporting package called SVR version 1.

The market received these products enthusiastically.


Requirements increased and soon TQSoft™ version 2 was rolled out with extra functions aimed at pharmaceutical requirements as well as drivers for more loggers and calibration equipment.

Then came SVR version 2 which maturity to the HTM2010 reporting package.


Microsoft’s operating system quality, and development tools, continued to improve and resulted in TQSoft™ version 3. New drivers for the Fluke range, and even Kaye Validator 2000, and TMI-Orion loggers.

21CFR Part 11

TQSoft™ was thoroughly evaluated by a number of world leading pharmaceutical companies. Their requirements were implemented in functional upgrades to TQSoft™ Version 3.

We recognized that the diverse requirements for HTM2010, HTM2030, EN554 and worldwide pharmaceutical reporting requirements would need better and more flexible software tools for reporting and analysis. SVR3 reports package shipped with a raft of new tools for custom design, report PDF creation, and report management.


Interval Calculations were introduced in version 3 of TQSoft™. These calculations can be set up to operate on selectable groups of probes between any defined stages and reported in a totally flexible way. They answer all calculation requirements.

Change of name to Isopharm International Ltd. (2003)

With a company change of name to reflect international status, Version 4 of TQSoft™ was enhanced and streamlined with some new features. TQSoft™ is now a universally accepted stable base for validation practice in hospitals and pharmaceuticals, due to its being an innovative and well designed solution specifically aimed at a demanding and discerning market. Version 4 allows TQSoft™ to be used with specific hardware and new applications at lower cost.

Change of name to TQSolutions Ltd. (2005)

Another change of name to ensure the company is identified with the product name worldwide. New drivers for lower cost higher accuracy innovative products for new markets. Existing customers will continue to benefit from our excellent support record. Existing customers will continue to reap the benefit from their investment in the standard for validation software technology.

TQSoft™ Version 5 & SVR Version 4

New versions are released in 2006/7 with support for the whole range of Yokogawa recorders and loggers, MadgeTech loggers, TMI VACQ3000, TESTO calibration equipment. This version also supports customer calibration of remote loggers. SVR4 now integrates completely with MS Word, allowing TQSoft™ users to design and manage their own controlled report documents with immense productivity and quality gains.


At TQSolutions Ltd. we believe in listening to our customers exacting requirements and implementing sound solutions. We will continue to do this to ensure that our clients can perform their validation work with optimum accuracy, accountability and efficiency.

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