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Last Modified: Monday, January 29, 2024


newspaper 128

Jan 4th 2024

Version 8.2.4



Fix for Inputs Display for measurements above 320.00.



Fix attempt for rare but important problem found with data storage component. Its not clear that the fix will work but it will also make all data storage faster.



For I-Calcs programmed with high and low limit, the stage message will now indicate fails on high or low limit.



Fix attempt for USB communications drops on a customer’s system. The conclusion is that the software cannot recover communications in most instances. Various software components were tried to no avail. It seems that Fluke unit in certain environments will be affected by electrical noise with various effects ranging from temporary loss of comms to a complete freeze. LAN is being used instead.



Test end data is now available for systems that log for many days.



Fix for ISO15883 report template that was used on PC with regional settings decimal place comma and delimiter semi colon.



Fix for 970A at start of test where TQSoft send a valid time setting to the unit, but the command causes an error.



Aug 21 2023

Version 8.2.3


Fix for ISIS bath value when bath is disconnected.


Fix for Madgetech loggers after programming the fram details are not immediately updated.


Fix for code that stores very long strings in TQSoft. This is where battery loggers have long location settings.


Fix for modification in version 8 that prevented baud user rate modification in bath selection to be saved and used.


Fix for ISIS bath in calibration where the setpoint was not read and checked at start of calibration.


When a battery logger detected TQSoft now checks the test equipment database and if serial number is not found, it will create an entry.


When performing an advanced cal with battery logger datafile, TQSoft will no



July 19 2023

Version 8.2.2

IR2512                   New Madgetech methods fix for IFC406 so that if only 1 slot used there are not long delays.
IR2513 Fix for Isotech Venus 2140 controller that does not support IEEE 4 byte resolution of measurements. Also applies to Leyro baths.
IR2515 Fix for calibration report where floating point deviations might appear as -0.1001 instead of 0.1.
IR2516 Fix for case where a calibration report is viewed, for example page 10 is viewed and closed. If it is then viewed again some text is positioned wrong until restart.
IR2517 Fix for TQAero cal report to allow 25 setpoints.
IR2519 Fix for Fluke units where some units record slightly irregular scan times causing an occasional second irregularity. If Fluke measurements indicate a scan interval of 29.4 secs TQSoft will now record this as 30 secs instead of 29 secs.

Madgetech API implemented.

This one incorporates support for the upcoming new revisions of the 101A series, and a fix for annotations with the Cryo-Temp and Lyo-Temp.

Mar 28 2023

Version 8.2.1

IR2510        Fix for CSV file import where 1 column data present and delimiter is a semi colon.
IR2511 Fix for CSV file import where lethality page can be blank.

Version 8.2.0

IR250                     In advanced calibration on a data file, TQSoft now waits after reporting phase finished, until temperatures start ramping before allowing stability analysis for next stability point.
IR2507 Fix for crop of version 7 file format.
IR2509 Fix fore-analysis when logger selection may be changed to a logger with less channels than a historic test.

Mar 08 2023

Version 8.1.2

IR2500       Fix for 4 wire settings for Fluke where IR1992 caused an issue with it.
IR2501 On installation the default for signatures on Data List is now first page only.
IR2504 When importing CSV files with decimal place settings TQSoft now asks if CSV decimal place settings, or TQSoft channel configuration settings are to be used.

Feb 07 2023

Version 8.1.1


Modification to allow 115,200 baud rate selection.


Fix for cal report formatting of pressure channel for Kaye logger.


KeySight 970A, Agilent 34970A, 34972A memory support limited to 4 channels per second because of difficulties when memory is full.

Jan 16 2023

Version 8.1.0


Support for KeySight 970A, Agilent 34970A, 34972A memory.


Fix for CSV import when seconds have decimal places and there is no setup.csv to obtain good start time.


Extra checks for Fluke full range CSV data.


Fix for full range channels on Fluke 2620A.


Now defaults store data to ON in Logger Control for all loggers.


CSV import can now handle files with just 1 column of data.


Correction to CSV import when PC has decimal as a comma the comma must never be considered as the delimiter character.


Adjustment for advanced calibration when data file used with scan interval of 60 seconds.


In Logger Control the Program button is disabled if store data option is OFF.


Data correction is now only available with non pharmaceutical USB keys.

Nov 14 2022

Version 8.0.4


Fix for test equipment security trip after connecting to a new logger.


Fix for advanced calibration with Kaye unit where first scan of report phase was not being calibrated.


Fix for Inputs Display on calibration progress window.


When data file option used in advanced cal the scan interval constraints should not be applied to settings because scan interval is not available.


Fix for CSV import of a file with 1 temperature column and a time format with multiple colons.


Fix for CSV import with euro delimiter settings.


Fix for advanced cal with data file where labels were not being imported from the data file correctly.


Fix for CSV import in some circumstances where instant lethality code caused a hang.


Removed messages from Madgetech connection code.

Oct 14 2022

Version 8.0.3


In TQAero editing the Target Temperature in the Graphic will auto modify the other I-Calc temperatures.


Fix for Fluke LAN connection where serial number from the unt can have an added character 13 leading to TQSoft not recognising the logger in cal and cal check.


Fix for 34970A connection after Fluke LAN connection.


Madgetech API implemented.


Aug 31 2022

Version 7.1.2(41)


Fix for the TQAero logger and sensor cal line in data list which cannot deal with test spec probe omissions, must all be sequential to have worked.


Code fix associated with IR2434.


Fix for use of HPDAQ902A 16 channel card with KeySight 970A.

Aug 31 2022

Version 8.0.2


TQAero I-Calcs modified by the graphic window now use hard coded ID rather than the user modifiable name.


Fix for use of HPDAQ902A 16 channel card with KeySight 970A.

Version 8.0.1


Correction to battery logger driver where non Madgetech loggers were being checked for claim status with meaningless messages.


Correction to Test Spec editing where new test spec is duplicated.

Version 8.0.0



TQSoft now allows for a set of calculations to be repeated on sections of a test. For example, min, max and average I-Calcs can be applied separately to heat up, sterilization and cooling stages, and three calculation sheets can display results for each stage.

There is a sample test (Penetration) that illustrates this functionality. There is also a sample report Dist & Penetration that illustrates the reporting sheets.


Groups can now be used to generate separate chart, data list and position diagram for each group in reports manager.


The row calculations in the Data List are no longer restricted to temperature. If all channels are humidity, then calculations are for humidity. If a mix of channels, then first channel shown will determine the calculation type.


Rate of change I-Calc can now insert stages precisely where a change of state occurs by back tracking to pinpoint a change of state. For example, when an increasing pressure is detected, the software can now backtrack to when pressure was either stable or stopped dropping, and insert a stage precisely.


The audit trail now records use of logger and sensor calibration file at start of test or at start of CSV file import.


During manual calibration the operator is alerted for bath setting change.


Report Manager can now allow selection from calibration report or cal check reports lists, rather than just from cal reports linked to tests.

Also included now is a generic calibration certificate template in Report Manager/Add Sections/TQSoft Reports.


Modification for Graphtec driver for variable number of channels.


Saturation pressure now uses same decimal place setting as a pressure channel (if one is setup) so that chart works correctly.


Fix for situation where sterilization analysis hysteresis moves the sterilization start stage, nut code that deletes calculation stages does not activate.


Historic tests selection window now includes a drop down for memory of user folder selections.


SIKA baths now supported.


Added support to read Grant Squirrel data files.


When TQSoft analyzes a vacuum stage and the vacuum hold is perfectly held, the start of the hold is now correctly located.


Added support for Gemini View2 and Plus2 data loggers.


Correction to make sterilization/target/disinfection description correct in Test setup report.


If users adds the folder ‘\TQSoft’ or ‘\TQAero’ to the archiving & synching target folder, software now strips that off since it will be duplicated.


The test specification ‘test notes file’ field can now reference a USER MESSAGE that can be displayed to remind operator about validation tasks.


Correction for reports where channel value at a particular stage is required. Non sequential channels were not handled correctly.


Historical tests selection window enabling now no longer requires a software restart.


The test specification ‘test notes file’ field can now reference a ‘reports sections’ (RLF) file so that reports sections will be auto added to a report when the test is added to a report.


Correction for far east characters in the job reference field.


Correction for Min Lethality I-Calc which did not check for full range channels returning zero.


Patch for a program freeze caused by corrupt data in chart with xmax less than xmin.


Correction to merge window where first test in the list would not expand channels.


Max number of stages in a test increased to 2000 to allow for the extra requirements of multiple stage analysis.


THP battery pressure logger is now supported.


Multiple zoom views can now be setup from reports manager window.


Added driver for thermal bath Ametek CTC155.


Bath uncertainty no longer included in cal report uncertainty calculations, just logger and reference unit uncertainty.


Correction for average I-Calc when a dependent stage is moved during analysis.


When importing CSV file if units row is found the channel type is set to Type T regardless. Now it is set to type T only if the channel config channel type conflicts with units in CSV.


In I-Calc spec tab its now possible to change a selected group of I-Calcs for settings stage start/end and all the hide settings.


Report signatures can now be controlled with more options in setup options window.


The cal check report will now display the date/time of the calibration that is being checked. (Will only work on cal checks performed with new version.)


Now 60 characters are allowed for channel location field. But only 40 can be displayed in test setup report because of space.


TQSoft now stores data in a new format TQD file which allows use of floating point numbers thus removing the resolution limitation of 32000 in version 7.


Fix for advanced cal reference countdown timer which did not work in certain circumstance.


The TeamViewer quick support link was updated.


The advanced calibration report now does not repeat cal point operator information.


Software no longer allows a corrupted baud rate to be used (without error message) but instead defaults back to 9600.


In manual calibration adjust its now possible to edit the calibration time and date in usage section. Changes are audited. This is for transducers.


The Job Reference now allows special character (for far east languages) but cycle number auto replaces special chars with underscore.


Additional fix for IR2256 Anville logger scan times.


Enhancements for legacy Kaye Digistrip unit including support for more channels and scan interval control for calibration.


Correction for MODBUSTCP, Anville, Kaye loggers used in the ‘log in another TQSoft’.


Test Equipment now has its own secured file that can be managed with data management options.


Cal report out of range measurements now denoted by ‘----’ along with dependent calculations.

Rounding ‘away from zero’ now used in cal reports, and all calculations now use rounded values to avoid 0.01 discrepancies.


Reference values now uses 3 decimal places.


Corrections for text spacing for Spanish translation.


For users with large number of I-Calcs that are related to the sterilizing/target/disinfection temperature, an adjustment to this temperature can now auto adjust I-Calc limits.


Advanced cal reports now include a column shown maximum deviation of each channel during check phase.


Correction for pressure calibration procedure where software asks user to adjust thermal bath!


Correction for advanced pressure calibration where check points were using uncalibrated data.


On start-up TQSoft 7 loads all the report references in Reports folder. With many reports this becomes very slow. Version 8 delays full loading until necessary.


Support for T&D loggers TRZ file format and T&D imports now create audit trail entries.


Export to CSV function is back which is a much faster export than the full export to Excel.


A continuously monitored I-Calc can now have a hysteresis in time format (hh:mm:ss) which allows limit checking only after a delay from start of monitoring.


Support for Graphtec firmware 1.28.

Dead backup battery causing issues is addressed.

Now allows 2 decimal places for thermocouples.

More support for reading secure GDB data files from the unit.


EA04/02 NIST amendment to Combined Uncertainty calculations.


If Fluke loggers not connected it is now possible to nevertheless edit up to 60 channels.


Modifications to Data List allow extra decimal place resolution on new file format to be shown on Data List up to 10 digits numbers.


Scan intervals less than 1 second are not now auto adjusted.


If a Test Spec notes file is setup to use an RLF (reports list) file as a pre-configured report, TQSoft will now auto import data at stop logging.


Correction to eliminate risk of endless loop freeze when TQSoft searches for its data files.


Support for humidity from dewpoint sensor. Its now possible to connect a dewpoint sensor to the logging unit and locate the sensor in the chamber. An I-Calc can be setup for each temperature and TQSoft calculates the humidity at that location without use of humidity sensors.


This update involves the inclusion of ‘continuously monitored I-Calcs’ in the chart and data list. A feature many engineers will appreciate as it allows calculations like deviations and averages on groups to be put on data list (in place of the basic calculations tab that uses all channels.)


Its now possible to mix THP and Gemini battery loggers with both time starting at zero and 24 hour format.


Correction for battery logger interface when assigning a logger to a test spec position.


Correction for THP loggers for estimated time set zero, where time was adjusted to 1 day limiting logging to 1 day.


Correction for I-Calc limit signature where the signature window must appear on top of all other windows.


Correction for advanced calibration root sum squared uncertainties.


The Export to Excel/CSV functions no longer exports defective channels.


If a Test Specification has no probe positions setup TQSoft will use the probe positions setup in the chamber database.


Correction for data list showing analysis messages when showing continuous I-Calcs.


The max deviation I-Calc will now show both the max and min measurements in the result stage.


An I-Calc fail that uses the display message action will now make an audit trail entry of the message and test details.


The start logging process now has a ‘More’ button on the final stage allowing the historic test spec to be edited, not affecting the original test spec.


Correction for @TEXT and @DATA in TQExpress import data.


Modification for use of T&D Graph application under Win 10 updates. Windows registry EnableLUA now needs to be set to zero.


Merged tests can that contain mismatched scan times will now still calculate lethality’s correctly.


Data List preview can now contain 250 pages.


Using a comma in test equipment serial number field is now auto replaced by underscore because the comma is treated as a delimiter character in other parts of TQSoft.


The delay in Start Logging window is extended to allow for days.


Its now possible to enable a corrections window in a user profile so that fully audited corrections can be made to some fields prominent in the reports. All corrections are fully audited.


Correction to the audit trail window in case its screen position is set outside the current screen.


Removed specific reference to AMS2750 because TQAero enables compliance with a number of specs such as CQI-9, AFNOR etc.


The INT:00:00 setting for a stage will no longer interrupt the interval of scans either side of it.


In TQAero the parameter graphic window will now audit any parameter changes.


Data management deleting files not allows a cancel if deletion fails for some reason.


Correction for T&D data file import where locations were mistakenly assigned to labels.


Driver for Isotech Millik reference unit.


Export to Excel and CSV will no longer export defective probes.


Sensor positions diagram now allows extra items to be added to the diagram, the name of each item can be specified.


Correction for Fluke LAN option where a previously selected COM port will interfere with opening LAN.


Chinese characters now allowed in the cycle number and job reference boxes for start test.


KeySight 970A driver.


Continuous I-Calcs included in Excel export with method to improve speed and summary option added to Excel export.


Continuous monitoring is no longer interrupted by ‘no cal file’ alert.


Correction for Calibration Files upload function if logger connection was not previously initiated.


Correction for Chinese/Japanese units translation immediately after language switch.


Correction for analysis of I-Calcs that reference a group containing no probes. The stage result is not created.


TQSoft now supports Madgetech RFC1000 for distributed monitoring projects. TQSoft can now read battery status of MadgeTech loggers.


Excel export is now able to use more than AZ column.


Adjustment to data list landscape format so that the righthand vertical is always printed.


Oversized diagnosis file AgilentError DLOG file is now automatically managed on startup.


Fix for rare corruption of data that can cause chart freeze.


Update for recent versions of Adobe DC Reader where it requires modified Registry references.


Fix for blank page after sensor position diagram in PDF print function.


Fix for lower limit checkbox being auto set after use of TQAero graphic.


Added ability to remove marker for extra items in the sensor positions diagram.



Mar 23 2022

Version 7.1.2(40)


Correction for cycle start time import before re-analysis in the stability analysis sheets


Identification of rare error that could cause data corruption. Software will display alert box ‘’ SERIOUS FILE ERROR IN WRITEPRIVATEPROFILESTRING’’


Correction where 2 files are left open at end of a test. Eventually in long term continuous projects the file open limit of 256 is reached and program freezes.


Correction for test spec selection at start test with right mouse click.


Correction for rare circumstance when the TQSoft data file scan function can freeze.


Users with CopyMinder activation codes will no longer have to reregister after an upgrade.


Version 7.1.2(39)


Fix for TecnoSoft loggers used in time starts from zero mode, for start and end time and date.

Sept 09 2021

Version 7.1.2(38)


Fix for chamber sensor position diagram where chamber dimensions are entered into the Test Specification, but are not replicated correctly after a test is completed.

Version 7.1.2(37)


Fix for situation where a channel assigned as a Drain probe has an out of range item of data before the critical sterilization stage. The drain channel is no longer eliminated from analysis.

July 07 2021

Version 7.1.2(36)


Fix for digital signature in calibration report where is automatic signature is not enabled then an old signature can appear in new reports.


Fix for Gemini dual channel data loggers where if a calibration file has adjustments the second channel is not adjusted when data downloaded.

Version 7.1.2(35) Released:


When a trial is started a message reminder about email verification can appear.


Fix for Fluke LAN option connection where IR2352 could block connection is certain circumstance.


Fix for Fluke Logger Control window where the Program button did not upload the memory selection.

Apr 30 2021

Version 7.1.2(34) Released:


Fix for audit trail search on ‘Importance’ field.


Fix for TQAero when user makes 2 attempts at pasting logger calibration file offsets leading to partial offset data displayed in Data List.

Version 7.1.2(33)


Fix for possibility of freeze in Fluke communications loop.

Version 7.1.2(32)


Fix for Logger Selection window where LAN is selected and existing COM port selection is ‘invalid’ prevents exit.


Fixes for TQS-NET


Fix for chart header when chamber serial is blank ‘cycle no’ appeared.


Fix for version 7 not reading version 8 data files.


Fix for Data List header landscape mode width setting.


Fix for channel configuration save where many tests seem to have a blank name for their channel configs.


Fix for channel configuration save when maximum number of channels (128) being saved.


Fix for Fluke data missing. Broken scans are ignored and counted in new counter display in Status window.

Version 7.1.2(31)


Fix. Fluke Hydra III LAN connection under Windows 10 discrepancy in communications leading to extra input modules not detected.

Version 7.1.2(30)


Fix. With many logger drivers TQSoft was not confirming channel type (temperature) by units selected.

Version 7.1.2(29)


Agilent 34972A. Fix for random communication drop perhaps caused by Windows 10.


Fix. Fluke first scan sent after configuration download is unexpected format and gets dropped.


Fix. Data List landscape mode did not include logger serial number or TQSoft version.

Version 7.1.2(28)


Tweaks to Agilent 34972A driver to allow Keysight 970A to work using this driver.


Fix. Security trip at end of cal check.


Fix. Minor fixes to groups summary sheet.


July 20, 2020

Version 7.1.2 (27) released fixing the long standing problem of false security alert for modified test specification.


March 1, 2018

There is an update for version 7.1.x available at , using your Login then Downloads/Software.

It may require an upgrade code for your USB key, please contact us to check.

Please note your installation folder(s), make backups,  then install on top of your existing folder(s).

February 14, 2018

TQSoft 7.1.0

·        Sensor groups are now supported. I-Calcs can reference group(s) and so a change to a group will automatically modify all the I-Calcs that use the group.

·        Temperature and humidity groups can now be summarized separately. (See also multi calculation below)

·        Validator 2000 latest firmware is now supported.

·        New driver for some TecnoSoft data loggers.

·        Updates to reports which now include printed on and by. Also ‘Performed by’ and ‘Reviewed by’ will appear more in reports and can be used either for electronic signature or for manual signatures.

·        Templates made with Designer now support trends. So right click on a calculation result and the software will collect data from date range of reports and make a trend in Excel.

·        Software can now log multiple chambers at the same time using one logger. Channel assignment changes are managed by the software so you can use the same test specification on the multiple chambers without worrying about channel references and locations etc.

·        New multi calculation introduced. It will store max, min, average, std dev and uncertainty. This means many times less I-Calcs are needed to produce summary sheets. The 7.1.0 install includes a sample test called ‘Stability Analysis 9 Temp 3 Humidity’ and it uses the new I-Calcs and groups to separate temperature and pressure. To illustrate there is a new summary sheet in Report Lists under ‘Sample Reports Stability/Stability Summary Channel 1-20’.

·        Bath and reference temperatures can now be logged, and bath temperature controlled by I-Calcs, for custom calibration procedures.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A default scan rate setting now depends on Fast/Medium/Slow setting. Also there is now a check box in Logger Control to always use the custom scan rate setting for calibrations.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A driver now supports resistance and thermistors.

·        Designer now supports look up tables for user entered data.

·        Legacy Fluke Hydra II drivers no longer reserve TQSoft channel 1 for the Fluke channel 001! J

·        3 Decimal place support for IRTD reference temperature.

·        Designer duplicate option will now auto increment probe numbers, making your time more productive!

TQAero 7.1.0

·        Chambers can be specified as cylindrical and the 3D wire diagram will support this.

·        Chambers can now have a work zone specified. The work zone can be seen in the 3D diagram and sensors positioned with respect to work zone.



Sept 1, 2016

TQSoft™ and TQAero version 7 has been released.

This major release includes a host ease of use and functional improvements led by a new alternative menu interface.

April 29, 2014

TQSoft™ and TQAero version 6.0.5 has been released.

The new version now includes:

1) Driver for the new Fluke Hydra model 2638A.

2) Support for the new Fluke Hydra 2638A includes memory and storage option data file management, so users can use their Fluke unit independently of a PC and return to PC TQ installation to collect data from the unit and make reports in a secure CFR Part 11/NADCAP compliant process.

3) New driver for Fluke 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well.

4) Now includes intelligent CSV file import. This means that the software will likely be able to swiftly interpret and import all your data and calibration Setpoints stored in text or spreadsheets.

November 27, 2013

TQSoft™ version 6 software now has drivers for:

Agilent 34972A data acquisition unit including support for onboard memory for thermal validation.

MadgeTech HT140 and PR140 for thermal validation.

Gemini splash and ultra loggers for thermal validation.

Yokogawa MW, GP and GX serioes recorders for thermal validation.

Beamex FB range drywell baths for temperature calibration.

Ametek Jofra RTC, PTC range drywell baths for temperature calibration.

Ametek Jofra DTI1050 temperature reference for calibration.

Fluke 9190A drywell bath for temperature calibration.



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