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Last Modified: Wednesday, March 23, 2022

MadgeTech Loggers

TQSoft™ with MadgeTech Loggers

Any models supported by MadgeTech 4 standard.

hitemp150Used together with the TQSoft™ validation software tools for calibration, calibration checking, programming, downloading, analysis and reporting, the MadgeTech solution presents an extremely effective, accurate and cutting edge solution for a range of thermal validation applications.

MadgeTech temperature data loggers  are rugged, submersible battery powered stand alone loggers for use with 21CFR Part 11 compliant TQSoft™ software…

  • Thermal Mapping Validation
  • Storage Area Validation
  • Sterilizer Validation/Autoclave Validation
  • Stability Chamber Validation
  • Incubator Validation
  • Food Validation

Loggers can be quickly programmed by TQSoft™ software in batches to automatically record up to 32,767 temperature measurements. The loggers have a 2 inch rigid external fast response probe. It can be used in harsh environments. It has a real time clock for time stamping all measurements and data is stored in non volatile solid state memory. The memory is protected in the event of a battery problem. TQSoft™ enables quick and easy programming and downloading for large batches of up to 128 loggers. 

 HiTemp150FP Temperature RTD -40 to +150ºC with Flexible Probe

hitemp150fpThe HiTemp150 temperature data loggers can be supplied with a 24” (61cm) flexible silicone rubber enclosed cable with 4” (10.16cm) penetration style stainless steel probe and 316 stainless steel body.








Batch programming and downloading of MadgeTech Loggers

  • madgetech interface windowConnect multiple loggers to PC using multiple IFC400’s, limited by only USB expansion capability or number of IFC400’s available
  • Dramatically improves programming and download times
  • Calibrate or Check batches of loggers
  • Test Specifications automatically record serial numbers programmed for data acquisition, making life simpler
  • Reports are automatically generated, showing serial number used, calibration information for each logger
  • Logger usage can be automatically tracked, individual serial numbers can be programmed to alert for re-calibration on date, or time in use, or number of tests performed



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