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Last Modified: Thursday, September 19, 2019

About TQSoft™

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If you are new to TQSoft please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a Login. Login is required for download. A fully functional free trial is available.

March 1, 2018

There is an update for version 7.1.x available at , using your Login then Downloads/Software.

It may require an upgrade code for your USB key, please contact us to check.

Please note your installation folder(s), make backups,  then install on top of your existing folder(s).

February 14, 2018

TQSoft 7.1.0

·        Sensor groups are now supported. I-Calcs can reference group(s) and so a change to a group will automatically modify all the I-Calcs that use the group.

·        Temperature and humidity groups can now be summarized separately. (See also multi calculation below)

·        Validator 2000 latest firmware is now supported.

·        New driver for some TecnoSoft data loggers.

·        Updates to reports which now include printed on and by. Also ‘Performed by’ and ‘Reviewed by’ will appear more in reports and can be used either for electronic signature or for manual signatures.

·        Templates made with Designer now support trends. So right click on a calculation result and the software will collect data from date range of reports and make a trend in Excel.

·        Software can now log multiple chambers at the same time using one logger. Channel assignment changes are managed by the software so you can use the same test specification on the multiple chambers without worrying about channel references and locations etc.

·        New multi calculation introduced. It will store max, min, average, std dev and uncertainty. This means many times less I-Calcs are needed to produce summary sheets. The 7.1.0 install includes a sample test called ‘Stability Analysis 9 Temp 3 Humidity’ and it uses the new I-Calcs and groups to separate temperature and pressure. To illustrate there is a new summary sheet in Report Lists under ‘Sample Reports Stability/Stability Summary Channel 1-20’.

·        Bath and reference temperatures can now be logged, and bath temperature controlled by I-Calcs, for custom calibration procedures.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A default scan rate setting now depends on Fast/Medium/Slow setting. Also there is now a check box in Logger Control to always use the custom scan rate setting for calibrations.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A driver now supports resistance and thermistors.

·        Designer now supports look up tables for user entered data.

·        Legacy Fluke Hydra II drivers no longer reserve TQSoft channel 1 for the Fluke channel 001! J

·        3 Decimal place support for IRTD reference temperature.

·        Designer duplicate option will now auto increment probe numbers, making your time more productive!


For more information on TQSoft, browse our TQSoft Features and TQSoft Applications articles.

Download the TQSoft Brochure Version 6 to learn more about the software.

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